Morning Read: Cutting the Budget, Hearing Kingsbridge

Ed Skyler didn’t rule out layoffs to help the city plug $1.7 billion in cuts ordered yesterday.

Budget Director Mark Page said he expects revenue growth in FY 2011, but cuts are still needed.

Michael Bloomberg: “This has to do with making everybody feel good, but it’s in fact creating chaos for the traffic agents.”

Simcha Felder, who sponsored the bill, said he wanted “common sense and decency” restored to parking rules.

Christine Quinn: “We will absolutely override the veto.”

In a survey on, Bloomberg got 178 votes to be his vice presidential candidate.

A fund-raiser at Citi Field for a group that supports Israeli settlers is drawing criticism.

About 25 percent of high schools had their marks lowered in a new report, compared to 14 percent of schools where marks were raised.

Yoav Gonen has the full list of grades.

The city department of education is looking for bedbug exterminators.

A professor in California sides with critics of the Kingsbridge Armory Project, saying, “There’s no evidence at all that living-wage laws have a negative impact on specific businesses or the larger business climate.”

The last public hearing on Kingsbridge is today.

Andy Spano proposed cutbacks to his staff, which would take affect when Bob Astorino arrives.

Ray Kelly reassigned 11 captains. Paul Browne said the commissioner is just filling vacancies.

Bob Kappstatter sees district leader Venancio Catala raising money, for something. Morning Read: Cutting the Budget, Hearing Kingsbridge