Morning Read: Explaining Tuesday

Why was it so close? Why didn’t you vote? And how did the pollsters get this so wrong?

Michael Bloomberg: “That was as close to a mandate as I think you can possibly come in a very difficult time.”

Barbara Fife says Barack Obama “made people feel this was not winnable.” [Also in that story, Michael Powell writes: “Christine C. Quinn, a Democrat, endorsed Mr. Thompson with the enthusiasm of someone facing a tooth extraction.”]

An “Obama insider” tells the Daily News: “Obama didn’t even put out a statement endorsing [Thompson]. That tells you how we feel about Bloomberg.”

The Times says the race was close because of term limits and campaign spending (no mention of taxes or the economy).

Rachel Maddow on Blomberg’s $179-per-vote campaign spending:“Very steep fare to pay for a ride to City Hall, even by Manhattan standards.”

Costas Panagopoulos chalks it all up to voters unhappiness over term limits, and under-appreciated partisanship.

Wayne Barrett notes Bloomberg will get “the lowest total vote of any mayoral winner in a two-candidate race since 1917.”

Stuart Appelbaum said David Paterson and Jay Jacobs declined his offer to hire a Howard Wolfson-like character to help Thompson.

Bill de Blasio says voters wanted balance.

Sam Roberts has more factoids.

What lays ahead for Mike McMahon?

Gail Collins mocks the deep reading of Tuesday’s results.

Cindy Adams marvels at the ingeniousness of the television, and Bill Thompson.

Michael Daly says something about Bloomberg.

Christine Quinn hugs Queens Democrats.

Wall Street bonuses could make it feel like 2007.

Don’t forget: Very important official government business on Friday.

And above is Chris Matthews, marveling at Bloomberg’s big spending and small victory.

Morning Read: Explaining Tuesday