Morning Read: Term Limits > Michael Bloomberg

586,890 people voted for term limits, but only 557,059 voted to re-elect Michael Bloomerg.

Bloomberg hasn’t yet discussed the cornerstone of his transportation plan with Jay Walder.

Bill Thompson: “While I can be angry about it, the mayor – he’s the one who has to live with, you know, how negative his campaign was.”

More from that interview.

Thompson also spoke with NY1, saying he did the best he could, and that Bloomberg doesn’t have a mandate.

Bloomberg offered an $850,000 olive branch to Bill de Blasio.

Larry Littlefield bucks conventional wisdom. “More turnout, I believe, would also have meant a much greater Bloomberg victory.”

Sam Roberts reminds us what happens to mayors in third terms.

Christine Quinn sounds feisty, “I remain frustrated that so many Council votes are 48 to 3, or 50 to 1. If we’re all in agreement that frequently, are we really challenging ourselves on the issues?”

Barron for speaker!

Tom Suozzi: “It’s clear that my opponent’s voters were angry and my supporters were complacent.”

David Brooks looks at Nassau and Westchester County and channels independents.

I am proud of my role as county leader,” says Vito Lopez.

Walder did not rule out a fare hike.

Bill Cunningham and a his fellow mayoral flacks helped put the Yankees over the top.

The parade route today is in need of heroes.

Sorry, New York. You get Johnston, not Palin.

And pictured above is Bloomberg after he voted for himself. Morning Read: Term Limits > Michael Bloomberg