Morning Read, Upstate: $500,000 for Not Much

Lawmakers struck a deal to tighten control over public authorities, and the Assembly passed it.

The Senate passed and David Paterson signed Leandra’s Law.

But there was no deal struck on the mid-year budget deficit.

“To me, it isn’t the quantitative agreement on a number,” Paterson said. “It’s the quality of actually hitting the target in ways that will be real and recurring.”

“It’s discussions, discussions, discussions, and no action,” Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari said, predicting no deal until next week. “I wish I could be more positive.”

The cost of these talks is $500,000 and counting.

A poll finds 69 percent of New Yorkers think the state will run out of money in December.

Paterson offered unspecific threats for lawmakers if no deal is reached.

An associate of Jared Abbruzzese said he “didn’t know” why Joe Bruno was paid consulting fees.

There are e-mails saying as much.

The News says it was “jaw-dropping” to hear a lawyer tell legislators not to mail in their ethics forms.

One of Bruno’s Senate lawyers kept a cover-your-ass file.

Patricia Ritchie bragged about winning the license plate rollback.

Jordan Carleo-Evangelist writes an “irony alert” about Jerry Jennings raising money for Andrew Cuomo.

Enrollment in the SUNY system reached an all-time high.

Monroe County Conservatives went for Rick Lazio.

Doug Hoffman gained 132 votes.

Hoffman suggested, without substantiation, voter fraud.

Bill Owens will sit on the Armed Services and Homeland Security committees.

And below, State Senator Tom Duane speaks on Leandra’s Law:

Morning Read, Upstate: $500,000 for Not Much