Morning Read, Upstate: A Third Extraordinary Week

Malcolm Smith won’t step aside gracefully, Fred Dicker’s sources tell him about how bitter budget negotiations have become.

Jerry Nadler endorsed Kirsten Gillibrand in her Senate bid.

There’s still no agreed-upon plan to deal with a mid-year budget deficit.

David Paterson is rattling his saber, sending a letter to legislators and blasting them at a press conference Saturday.

Joe Bruno never disclosed his financial interests when deciding who would run the Saratoga Race Track.

There has been no reaction in the legislature, and the News writes that “the pols’ silent acquiesence is yet another reason why New Yorkers must throw the bums out next fall.”

The Post called Bruno’s trial a “revealing clinic on public corruption.”

Bruno will not testify at trial.

Summations of the case are expected today.

Carl Kruger makes lots of special interest money.

Lee Miringoff said Rudy Giuliani’s reported exit from the governor’s race is a “game-changer.”

The Times says Albany is leading the way on drunk driving laws.

Charlie Rangel, under fire.

Dan Janison notes that the Republicans did not take over Nassau County at a flush time.

Doug Hoffman says he might file a challenge to his recent special election loss.

Sarah Palin’s book tour came to Rochester this weekend.

Half of state lawmakers have outside jobs.

Greg Ball will not run for Congress.

The laws of Schenectady are expensive.

Chuck Schumer wants you to keep your frequent flier miles.

And below, video of the State Senate’s agriculture meeting in Watertown: Morning Read, Upstate: A Third Extraordinary Week