Morning Read, Upstate: Deliberating Bruno

Negotiations have once again failed to produce an agreement on deficit reduction.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is thinking about cutting a deal with David Paterson on the budget deficit.

Silver writes in an opinion piece that he and his fellow Assembly Democrats were “prepared to make those tough choices.”

The Post says Silver is the only adult in the room.

The Times Union says we should listen to Moody’s.

Paterson was in Buffalo at two fund-raisers.

He announced the re-opening of a factory.

There’s still no agreement to develop at Aqueduct that would generate revenue.

Andrew Cuomo raised money from lawyers defending people before his office.

Ed Cox is trying to recruit Emil Henry, a former Bush administration treasury official, to run for governor.

Bill Hammond defended the memory of Charles Darwin.

Summaries were delivered in the trial of Joe Bruno.

“This is an indictment in search of an actual crime,” Joe Bruno’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, said.

The Times writes: “If Mr. Bruno broke no laws – something a jury will probably decide very soon – that would only confirm what many other New Yorkers have long thought: the problem is not what’s illegal in Albany but what’s legal.”

Jon Cooper will decide about running against Kirsten Gillibrand by Dec. 14.

The Suozzi-Mangano count continues.

Ithaca is mulling consolidation.

And below, video of the Monserrate Inquisition Panel’s second meeting: Morning Read, Upstate: Deliberating Bruno