Morning Read, Upstate: Down to $36 Million

“Do your job yourself and let’s not give me phony remedies,” David Paterson said, referring to legislators, on Thanksgiving Day.

Paterson was joining volunteers helping at the annual Equinox dinner in Albany.

New York will only have $36 million in the bank by the end of December.

State Senator Vincent Leibell said he spent Thanksgiving reading a budget bill.

The chairman of the Commission on Public Integrity panned an effort to restructure ethics enforcement.

Dan McCoy is working to become majority leader of the Albany County legislature.

A bill that passed the state legislature last week offers some relief for victims of home foreclosure.

Chris Collins is opposed to residential tax rebates.

Another bill regulates “life settlement” arrangements.

A Tea Party is planned for Sommers.

There’s a push for a trail through the heart of the Adirondacks.

The mayor of Monticello wants the attorney general to investigate the village.

Syracuse tied a record for going a while without snow.

And below, Kirsten Gillibrand at an announcement about gun control:

Morning Read, Upstate: Down to $36 Million