Morning Read, Upstate: Goodbye, License Plate Fees?

Carl Kruger v. David Paterson, the DRP negotiation.

Kruger is pushing for a $1 billion tax on health care companies, sources tell the Post.

Rudy Giuliani won’t announce his intention to run for governor, or not, tonight.

Jay Jacobs said that Andrew Cuomo is “well prepared” to run.

Chuck Schumer and the U.S. Department of Justice look into a cabal of milk middlemen

Cuomo is privately mulling who he would like to see down the ballot, should he run for governor.

Hillary Clinton is not running for governor, she told George Stephanopoulos.

Paterson said he will reconsider a plan to charge for new license plates.

The decision came the day before county clerks will lead a protest march to Albany.

Lawmakers will have to come up with a plan to replace the $130 million.

Legislative leaders promised to do so.

Sheldon Silver has blown off people seeking stiffer penalties for drunk drivers in the past.

The News, pushing for “Leandra’s Law,” wants something done.

Despite an order of protection, Hiram Monserrate’s friend arranged a security detail for the girlfriend he was convicted of assaulting.

The federal government accidentally released Joe Bruno’s social security number.

New York is slow to make payments, but we’re not as bad as some other states.

Assemblyman Bill Colton wants to publicize the names of tax cheats.

Karen Schimke says childhood development is too crucial a time to cut.

Chuck Schumer has three press secretaries.

Tom Suozzi and Ed Mangano are going to the paper ballots.

Suozzi’s fade is not good for Jay Jacobs.

Representative Eric Massa attacked the health care bill he voted against.

George Pataki was named in a lawsuit.

And here’s a video of Assemblyman Rory Lancman calling for stricter penalties for those who assault tax drivers: Morning Read, Upstate: Goodbye, License Plate Fees?