Morning Read, Upstate: How Much Did That Session Cost?

The Assembly watered down Leandra’s Law.

The News said the Assembly acted “in keeping with an ingrained bent against toughening the penal law.”

The Times decries New York’s redistricting process.

New York City will be hit hard by the deficit reduction package.

“Talk, the adage goes, is cheap,” the Times Union says. “But in state government, it’s actually rather expensive.”

Republicans from the Southern Tier complained about the same thing.

The actual cost was about $35,000 per day, plus gas.

Andrea Peyser’s take: “Albany this week was a goofy place. The Dumb, the Dumber, the Mentally Challenged, Morally Bankrupt and Outright Deranged — yes, that collection of chowderheads, convicted criminals and impotent squirts whom we trust to run our state — were dragged back to Albany, where they fiddled like it’s 1999 again.”

Errol Louis says that state senators should not be looking into Hiram Monserrate, and are not capable of doing so objectively.

Richard Lipsky says the Monserrate Inquisition Panel is a “kangaroo court.”

NY1 counts 21 votes for same-sex marriage.

The frequent felony loophole was closed.

Local governments got some flexibility.

David Paterson is wavering on mandatory new license plates.

Joe Bruno called in to the Fred Dicker show.

“You either have to vote to have a full-time Legislature, where people can’t have outside income, or you have to fully disclose and change the disclosure laws for every cent that everybody makes as a part-time legislator,” Bruno said.

His trial means extra business for Jack’s Oyster House.

Ed Mangano now leads Tom Suozzi.

Nan Hayworth criticized John Hall on his health care vote.

And below, health care employees are planning a demonstration at the Capitol:

Morning Read, Upstate: How Much Did That Session Cost?