Morning Read, Upstate: Recapping an Unextraordinary Session

A special session of the legislature ended with no action being taken to address the state’s budget deficit.

“Next week is a different week,” David Paterson said at the end of the day, promising to call lawmakers back. “You’ve only seen the first act.”

“I have come to the conclusion that in the three great lies that people tell that we can add a new contender, which is, ‘We’ll work it out and we’ll vote on it when we get to Albany,'”  Paterson told reporters.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb called the session a “complete and utter failure.”

The News blames the State Senate, which it says remains “in denial.”

Despite the crying pleas of a grieving father, legislators couldn’t even agree on a measure to increase penalties for drunk driving.

They also didn’t act on same-sex marriage, but Paterson told the Times “I think that the vote is closer than people think.”

The governor promised, on behalf of the Senate, that the Senate will vote on the bill in 2009.

Michael Goodwin says cuts should focus on the state workforce.

The Niagara Gazette agrees.

The trial of Joe Bruno has “lost its way,” the judge said, focusing on allegations of pay-to-play. “Having opened that barn door, we’ve had 34 witnesses drive 67,000 cows through,” Judge Gary Sharpe said.

The trial also focused on member items Bruno delivered to Saratoga County.

The state unveiled new license plates.

The Times Union is shocked that poor maintenance on the Champlain Bridge will lead us to spend $50 million on another bridge.

Republicans held a rally to decry de-funding.

Eric Schneiderman promoted Ian’s Law on the Brian Lehrer show.

Michael Steele said white Republicans are “scared” of him.

Paterson pitched small business owners.

Rob Astorino announced a transition team.

Kirsten Gillibrand slammed the Stupak Amendment.

Representative John Hall talked health care at a kitchen table.

Troy Democrats targeted Bob Mirch.

And below, State Senator Carl Kruger on Capital Tonight saying New York will not run out of cash in December:

Morning Read, Upstate: Recapping an Unextraordinary Session