Morning Read, Upstate: Scozzafava Backs Owens

David Paterson tried to get free World Series tickets, possibly violating ethics laws.

Out of the race, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava endorsed Bill Owens, the Democratic Party’s candidate for Congress.

“It’s not about ideology,” Scozzafava said. “It’s about the local issues.”

“We accept moderates in our party, and we want moderates in our party. We cover a wide range of Americans,” Republican House Leader John Boehner said on CNN.

Matt Burns, Scozzafava’s former campaign spokesman, said he disagreed with her decision.

To get the endorsement, Representative Steve Israel and June O’Neill met with Scozafava and Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and Sheldon Silver made calls.

That list does not include David Paterson, Liz notes.

Doug Hoffman found out Scozzafava endorsed Owens from reporters.

The Watertown Daily Times is now endorsing Owens, and wrote Sunday that “Mr. Hoffman is running as an ideologue.”

(The WDT reminded voters with another editorial today.)

Newt Gingrich is now backing Hoffman.

Here’s a roundup of the candidates’ positions.

Today, Joe Biden will stump for Owens and Fred Thompson will stump for Hoffman.

The AP says this race, as well as gubernatorial contests in New Jersey and Virginia, are critical indicators of where the political discourse is going.

Steve Kornacki thinks this shows the need for primaries in special elections.

Fred Dicker thinks Hoffman will win.

This poll shows him in the lead.

Listen to the first episode of “The Capital Pressroom” at 11 a.m. on your local public radio session. You’ll hear me at 11:20!

The Legislative Ethics Commission is probing the hiring of Pedro G. Espada.

The trial of former Senate majority leader Joe Bruno starts today.

It will not only be his trial, but a trial of the state’s lax ethics laws.

“There is a real sense that if he is guilty of something, then the whole system is guilty of something,” said lobbyist James Featherstonhaugh.

NYPIRG has posted every legislative ethics disclosure filing online.

Al Sharpton is mad his daughter and ex-wife got arrested.

The head of SUNY’s Research Foundation deflected the focus of probes on the institution.

David Paterson wants school districts to use their reserves to absorb cuts.

Gannett looked at Congressional staff salaries.

Karla Giraldo told a Queens church she still loves Hiram Monserrate, and that he never hurt her.

Paying the new taxes which fund a cash-strapped M.T.A. is making people unhappy.

Mitchell Moss warns public transit agencies could face pressure to surrender some bonds.

And here’s Obama aide Valerie Jarrett saying Scozzafava’s exit makes the party more and more extreme:

  Morning Read, Upstate: Scozzafava Backs Owens