Morning Read, Upstate: Spitzer’s Lecture

“David is a friend. He is somebody I support,” Eliot Spitzer said in a speech at Harvard. “All Democrats in the state should support him.”

He spoke about ethics.

He asked Andrea Peyser how she got to Cambridge. He didn’t say much about his time as governor.

Joe Bruno got scolded by the judge at his corruption trial.

His reply to the tongue lashing by Judge Gary Sharpe “verged on sarcasm.”

David Paterson thinks Barack Obama will stump for him.

A conference call of state leaders indicated not much budget progress.

But Paterson told leaders he was willing to compromise.

People are getting mad about the requirement to buy new license plates.

Sate Senator Darrel Aubertine says he’s fighting it.

County Clerks will travel to Albany on Monday to protest it.

MADD is mad at the Assembly backing off Leandra’s Law.

Jacob Gershman is flummoxed by the influence of the education lobby.

A lawsuit is challenging alcohol at Turningstone Casino.

Intel’s settlement with AMD is good news for the Capital Region.

Michael Norris will succeed Henry Wojtaszek as the Niagara County Republican chairman.

Doug Hoffman lost by less than he thought.

Two state workers pleaded guilty to charges lodged after officials discovered their “man cave” in the Empire State Plaza.

Video of them doing drugs in the man cave is below.

Morning Read, Upstate: Spitzer’s Lecture