Morning Read, Upstate: Thanksgiving Deficit Break

Westchester Republican Liz Feld is mulling a run against Kirsten Gillibrand.

David Paterson proposed a new plan with less-drastic cuts.

“Cut this deficit with me or I will do it myself,” Paterson said. “If the Legislature is unwilling to make the necessary cuts, I will. If the Legislature is unwilling to do what needs to be done, I will. If the Legislature is unwilling to endure the criticism and consequences, I will.”

He also asked for temporary power to trim the budget.

Legislators rejected that idea outright.

As did a few legal experts.

One senator called him “King David.”

The Post gives him credit for trying.

The News says the legislature should act on the legislation, like adults.

Negotiations will continue over this weekend.

Paterson said on the radio that he’s in favor of extending the school day to reduce violence.

Jacob Gershman writes that New York’s legislature employs more people than every state but one.

Tom Suozzi is still 160 votes behind Ed Mangano.

Joe Bruno conducted his business on the golf course.

Jurors will continue deliberating his fate on Monday.

Andrew Cuomo sued the United Homeless Organization for not helping the homeless.

Cuomo is also making Fortuna Energy return property to 300 homeowners in the Southern Tier.

Doug Hoffman de-un-conceded that he can’t un-lose his congressional election.

Preston Felton violated the Public Officers Law.

And below, Chuck Schumer attacking Adidas for moving jobs out of western New York:

Morning Read, Upstate: Thanksgiving Deficit Break