Murdoch Might Pull His Papers from Google

It appears Rupert Murdoch may not understand his own pay wall at the Wall Street Journal. “We have a wall, but it’s not right to the ceiling,” Mr. Murdoch tells Sky News. “You can get, usually, the first paragraph from any story – but if you’re not a paying subscriber to all you get is a paragraph and a subscription form.”

Not exactly. You can get any Journal article by simply punching the title into Google and clicking the link. But it’s a moot point, since the News Corp C.E.O. said he may want to ban his papers’ content from appearing in Google searches once they establish that foreboding pay wall Mr. Murdoch keeps promising. “I think we will, but that’s when we start charging,” he said.

One has to wonder if this will help that “sober mood” over at the Post, where circulation has dropped 30 percent in the last two and a half years, and where the rival Daily News is already beating the paper in online readers. Murdoch Might Pull His Papers from Google