New BusinessWeek Hires Old Broadcaster

Tomorrow, Bloomberg officially takes over BusinessWeek, and, having cleaned house for Josh Tyrangiel—its young new editor—one might expect him to fill his stable of columnists with all sorts of fresh young faces.

One would be wrong. Today, on the even of the big transfer, Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek announced its newest columnist: sexagenarian Charlie Rose.

The legendary public broadcaster has reportedly worked in the Bloomberg building for years, so at the very least it’s convenient. But having shed nearly all of its recognizable columnists, including Jack Welch, Suzy Welch and Jon Fine—who was cut loose while on sabbatical with his wife, Laurel Touby—adding a big-name like Mr. Rose seems slightly incongruous.

And it’s not entirely clear how his column will look. The press release isn’t much help:

His BusinessWeek column will showcase smart conversations with the best thinkers, CEOs, politicians and other newsmakers. Each week, Rose will offer insights into and takeaways from those who impact and drive the global business and financial markets.

The column debuts in the December 21st issue. Rest assured, according to the press release, Mr. Rose will still do his TV show, as he has for the last 18 years. New BusinessWeek Hires Old Broadcaster