A great vampire parody from the young comedy mafia

If you’ve had it up to here with all the hot-vampire Twilight hype (and brace yourselves: New Moon, the second film in the franchise, arrives in theaters 11/20), we suggest you check out Nightlight: A Parody, a tartly funny, pitch-perfect spoof of the Stephenie Meyer best seller, written by The Harvard Lampoon.

The last time The Lampoon took on a pop culture favorite was in 1969, with Bored of the Rings (and doesn’t the title just say it all?). With Nightlight, they’ve managed to capture the hysteria of teenage longing and first love with just the appropriate amount of satire and quick wit. The characters and plot hew closely to the original—Bella Goose falls in love with mysterious computer nerd Edwart Mullen, only to discover he’s a vampire—but we guarantee that even if you are one of the few who haven’t read or seen Twilight, you’ll be entertained by this comedic takedown.

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