Last Monday, NJN’s Zachary Fink reported that New Jersey was close to passing same sex marriage because 4 members of the Republican Senate minority were going to vote in favor of it. All I can ask is why?

Basically, three departing Democrats want to force same-sex marriage on New Jersey as their parting legacy. They are outgoing Governor Jon Corzine, outgoing Senate President Dick Codey, and outgoing Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts. They don’t have the votes to do it, so these so-called Republicans have volunteered to get it done for them. Those members mentioned by Zachary Fink were Bill Baroni, Jennifer Beck, Kip Bateman, and Sean Kean.

I could see if these Republican Senators had, in their many campaigns for public office, run on platforms that honestly supported same-sex marriage, but of course, they haven’t. They all have told voters and the media that they either opposed same-sex marriage or supported allowing the people of New Jersey to vote on it.

What they’re doing doesn’t make any political sense, because it is going to cause them to get primaries, while it lets vulnerable Democrats off the hook. So Tom Kean Jr. will have to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for June 2011, so that Steve Sweeney doesn’t have to raise it in November 2011.

Since last Monday, one of these Senators has corrected NJN’s report and has confirmed to voters and the media that he will be a NO vote. That man is Kip Bateman. Senator Beck told the media that she is still undecided, while Senators Baroni and Sean Kean, according to reports, didn’t return reporters’ calls.

I’m surprised at Sean Kean, because just one month ago, he very clearly told representatives of the Catholic Church (both clergy and lay people) that he was a NO vote. To be honest, the reporting has been all over the place on this issue.

Could it be because the press is getting conflicting information from multiple sources about both the issue and who is on or off the bill? If so, what game is being played and what is to be gained by disseminating conflicting or incorrect information?

Regardless, why are there three remaining Senators doing this? Could it have anything to do with pressure from a number of rich Republican donors of the cosmopolitan set, who support same-sex marriage? And, why hasn’t Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean Jr. put his house in order?

Kean is on the record as opposing same-sex marriage and supporting a constitutional amendment to affirm traditional marriage.Where is Governor Elect Chris Christie? The Governor-Elect ran as someone opposed to same-sex marriage and he defeated an incumbent who supported same-sex marriage. We should let the people decide this issue – not three outgoing Democrats who have clearly reached their “sell-by” dates.

Let the new Legislature debate this, come up with language that takes into account the views of both sides, place it on the ballot for November 2010, and let the voters make their choice to either re-affirm traditional marriage, or make same-sex marriage legal in New Jersey.The GOP confusion on this issue is just another indication of why the New Jersey Republican State Committee needs to endorse the RNC platform drafted by representatives from all 50 states and then approved by elected delegates representing Republicans from every congressional district in America.

Senator Bill Baroni was a leader of the NJ delegation to the RNC Convention. He was John McCain’s man in New Jersey and he had to approve the two New Jersey delegates who helped draft the RNC platform: Assemblywoman Alison McHose and Atlantic GOP Chairman Keith Davis. The RNC platform was adopted with the full agreement and compliance of his presidential candidate. There has been an ongoing battle between conservative Republicans and GOP state chair Jay Webber as to the adoption the RNC Platform.

On the subject of same-sex marriage, the RNC Platform states the following:“Because our children’s future is best preserved within the traditional understanding of marriage, we call for a constitutional amendment that fully protects marriage as a union of a man and a woman, so that Judges cannot make other arrangements equivalent to it. In the absence of a national amendment, we support the right of the people of the various states to affirm traditional marriage through state initiatives.”

The NJGOP, under the direction of Jay Webber has refused to adopt this statement as well as any of the principles stated in the RNC Platform. In fact, they are about to develop and attempt to adopt their own platform and throw the RNC platform to the curb.

Following is part of a resolution that they are going to attempt to adopt at their December 1, 2009 meeting:

WHEREAS, there is a need and a desire to set forth principles and ideas that will animate and guide the Republican Party in the State of New Jersey in this new era; and·

WHEREAS, The New Jersey Republican State Committee is the sole Republican organization with state-wide representation and has official standing pursuant to law; and·

WHEREAS, The New Jersey Republican State Committee is, therefore, by virtue of law, the sole official body endowed with sufficient authority to articulate principles for the Republican Party in the State;

In place of the democratic process employed in the drafting and adoption of the RNC platform, they are going to appoint a committee to “prepare a written Statement of Principles that shall be recommended to the entire New Jersey Republican State Committee for consideration”.

The current RNC platform carries much of the language first employed in the RNC platform of 1980 – Ronald Reagan’s platform. Much of the stuff Jay Webber wants to take out was first put in there by President Reagan. It’s time for Jay Webber to come to grips with reality.

In his short tenure as GOP state chair, he has failed to adopt the RNC platform, failed to condemn the Corzine budget/tax hikes, failed to take a position on Cap & Trade, failed to take a position on ObamaCare, and failed to oppose same-sex marriage.

If Chairman Webber would go back to acting like Assemblyman Webber he could turn this situation around and put it all to bed, once and for all. But, he’s running out of time. NJ GOP: WHAT IS GOING ON?