Ocean and Monmouth are the new Essex and Hudson

Chris Christie won Ocean County by more than Jon Corzine won Essex, and he won Monmouth by more than Corzine won Hudson. Combined, Christie carried the two shore counties by 134,267 votes, while Corzine carried the two Democratic machine counties by 115,783. Christie won a third Democratic machine county, Middlesex, by 5,000 votes.

Christie won five western New Jersey counties by about 130,000 votes – including a 45,000 vote win in his home county, Morris, which delivered a greater plurality than Corzine won in Newark. (In 2005, Corzine won Newark by more than Douglas Forrester won Morris.)

Five western New Jersey counties gave Christie a plurality of about 130,000 votes. Christie held Corzine to a 4,000 vote win in South Jersey. Corzine's Camden County margin was about 17,000; he won it by about 32,000 four years ago. Ocean and Monmouth are the new Essex and Hudson