Paterson Campaign Calls It Like They See It

The uneasy detante between David Paterson and Andrew Cuomo is over. After months of stories about how badly the White House would like Mr. Paterson to stand down, and months of polls showing how badly Mr. Cuomo would beat him in a primary (the attorney general has yet to declare for the office) the governor’s re-election campaign fired its first shot.

“Mr. Cuomo has a voracious appetite for vacuuming up political money and, according to recent reports, plotting his political future from the shadows,” Tracy Sefl, an adviser to Paterson 2010, emailed Jimmy Vielkind today in response to an inquiry about Cuomo’s successful fund-raising. “He does not seem to have that same appetite when it comes to offering his ideas on New York’s economic recovery or plainly admitting his political ambitions. Governor Paterson, quite frankly, is the opposite of that.”

Let 2010 begin. Paterson Campaign Calls It Like They See It