Paterson: If You Were an Incumbent, You’d Be There Too

ALBANY—During a round of radio interviews this morning, David Paterson responded preemptively to questions about his standing in a just-released Siena poll, which shows his support levels still in the cellar.

On WHAM, Paterson was asked if they might dissuade him from seeking election as governor.

“No. And I’m actually tired of answering the question,” Paterson replied. “How are you going to have good poll numbers when you’re the one who’s advocating the cutting?”

“They didn’t do it, and I did it. This is the game, and I become the unpopular person,” he continued.

Later, on WBEN, Paterson was asked if he would run against Andrew Cuomo in a primary–where today’s poll shows him trailing by 59 points.

“I can’t speculate on what anyone else is going to do. I’m running for governor, I obviously considered all those possibilities when I said I was running for governor, and I’m running for governor,” Paterson said. The interviewer asked him if he would run as a third-party candidate should Democrats pick Cuomo over him.

“No, I’ve been a lifelong Democrat,” Paterson replied. “I mean, I would hope that independents would support me and Republicans too. But I’ve been a lifelong Democrat. What I’m saying is that the issue right now is that there are 14 governors with popularity rates under 30 percent. And it’s simple why it’s happening, because these governors are Republican and they’re Democrats. The reason that it’s happening is that when you’re the person who’s in charge, when you’re the person who’s in charge, you are the one who has to take responsibility.”


Paterson: If You Were an Incumbent, You’d Be There Too