PBS NewsHour Too Cool for Jim Lehrer Now

The PBS news program formerly known as “The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer,” now “PBS NewsHour,” is launching a fresh effort to keep pace with digital media.

The New York Times chronicles these developments in an article with all requisite shorthand for the Ways of the Future–Twitter! iPhone apps! Youth!

In a press release, PBS offered a drier account of forthcoming changes, describing their imminent news-gathering partnership with Boston-based GlobalPost:

The PBS NewsHour will collaborate with GlobalPost’s network of approximately seventy country-based correspondents around the world to provide the NewsHour’s broadcast and digital audiences with timely on-the-ground information about breaking news developments around the world. This network will augment the NewsHour’s current international reporting capabilities.

As part of the partnership, GlobalPost correspondents and videographers will jointly produce weekly video segments that will air on The PBS NewsHour broadcast and will also appear on the Online PBS NewsHour web site. GlobalPost and the PBS NewsHour staffs will work closely on story selection and on the various production aspects of each report. GlobalPost correspondents and Global Post Executive Editor Charles Sennott may also occasionally appear on the PBS NewsHour broadcast and digital platforms to provide reports and updates on developing news events.

Nonetheless: this may be a lot of change to handle for a show whose most devoted audience members, i.e. my parents, still call it “The MacNeill-Lehrer NewsHour.” PBS NewsHour Too Cool for Jim Lehrer Now