Music the cool kids liked–now for free!

Sure, the ’80s might be (for better or worse) back, but let’s not forget about those magical music years of the ’60s and ’70s. Allow us to introduce the charmingly low-key PHROCK Blog, a site dedicated to the psychedelic rock and folk sounds of the era. Best of all, the site offers entire albums available as free downloads.

Each day, PHROCK spotlights an album or two (recent posts have included the Electric Prunes, Traffic, Iggy Pop and a Kinks compilation box set). Track lists, commentary, visuals—generously sized and gorgeous cover art and sometimes even liner notes—are included, too. But be warned: The pristine selection of the obscure music you’ve yet to discover mixed with old forgotten favorites is more than a little addictive. You could easily overload your iPod.

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