Princess Wins at The Pierre

Princess Firyal has finally gotten control of her late companion Lionel Pincus’s Pierre duplex, reported The Times this weekend. According to the paper:

Jesse Derris, a spokesman for Princess Firyal, said that she was still mourning the death of Mr. Pincus and had not given any thought to what to do with the apartment. “She was always meant to have the apartment,” he said.

Brokers said Firyal would need the co-op board’s approval to transfer the apartment, and it was not clear whether the bitter disputes with Mr. Pincus’s sons would undermine her chances for approval.

Max Abelson wrote extensively about the feud between the Princess and the Pincus sons earlier this fall. The story had glamour, intrigue, great characters:

The Jerusalem-born princess, who attended a British boarding school and married one of King Talal of Jordan’s sons before her 20th birthday, is very beautiful. By the mid-’80s, a news story that needed to rattle off a group of chic names mentioned her in between Princess Caroline and Catherine Deneuve. “Opulent and classic, with a great sense of color,” is how Gotham’s best-dressed list put it this year. In her 60s, she resembles Annette Bening, except she’s not from Topeka.

She has dated very rich men, but not wimpy ones. “She was the first woman to operate in his league,” Vanity Fair wrote in a 1992 profile of the monolithic tycoon Stavros Niarchos. “He really cared for her.”

And despite conjuring archetypal figures like wicked stepmothers and greedy princelings, the conflict was never as simple as either side made out. Even if the 7,000-square-foot apartment now appears to be Princess Firyal’s, it seems unlikely that either she or the Pincuses are totally finished wrangling. Princess Wins at The Pierre