Skelos ‘Interested’ That Giuliani Was Silent on Senate

ALBANY—Is this a shift toward Senator Giuliani?

Ed Cox, the Republican State Committee chairman, has suggested as much. He won the chairmanship over Henry Wojtaszek, who was backed by Giuliani and his surrogates Jake Menges and Tony Carbonetti. (Menges told Liz Benjamin that a Times report that Giuliani will not seek the governorship is “premature.”) The door was left open to Giuliani as a senatorial candidate.

Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos, a Cox backer, just offered this reaction to the Times report: “I knew you were going to ask that obviously I would love to see him run for the U.S…uh, for the governorship. We’re going to have great candidates out there that are running. Governor Paterson has indicated that he’s going all the way, so it will be a very vulnerable incumbent, and I’m very interested that governor, uh…Mayor Giuliani has not ruled out running for the U.S. Senate against Senator Gillibrand. And I think that would be great for our state if he did, and he would be great for our country. I believe he would be elected, and he would serve us well in the U.S. senate.”

Here’s another reaction too good to pass up: Paterson 2010 advisor Tracy Sefl’s AIM away message is “Noun, Verb, 2010,” an echo of Joe Biden’s famous, belittling epithet. Skelos ‘Interested’ That Giuliani Was Silent on Senate