Speedy CNN Finds a Replacement for Dobbs

Lou Dobbs just announced he will leave CNN to pursue “constructive problem solving,” but CNN has already announced a replacement. Reports Felix Gillette:

John King will be the network’s new 7 p.m. anchor. Mr. King will take over the time slot sometime early next year. For the time being he will continue to anchor CNN’s Sunday morning public affairs show, State of the Union. According to a press release, Mr. King’s yet-to-be-named program will focus on “key political movements in Washington and across the nation.”

While Dobbs’s plans sounded vague, he concluded last night’s broadcast by saying, “I’ll see you next on the radio.” Perhaps a more hospitable home than Jon Klein’s CNN?

In en email to the Observer, Michael Harrison, publisher and editor of Talkers Magazine, called talk radio “a far more fertile medium for the kind of uninhibited, crusading opinion that has marked Lou Dobbs’ style in the past year and a half.”

“He has developed a loyal and growing following on the radio and has evolved into one of the medium’s most important players,” Harrison said. “I think his departure from CNN will help his radio show because I suspect he will be able to dig deeper into his own spontaneous truths — which work well on radio — without having to worry about how it will impact his TV image.”

Speedy CNN Finds a Replacement for Dobbs