Street level Newark update

NEWARK – Overall turnout in New Jersey's largest city is hovering near 30% of where it was last year when Barack Obama ultimately racked over 77,112 votes, according to Democratic Party sources on the ground.

That is below thegoal of 50% the Corzine campaign wants in Newark, where incumbent Democratic Gov. Jon Corzinewon 39,573 votes in 2005.

A South Ward source says operations are "humming, not buzzing."

TheDemocratic incumbent's targeted Obama allies – so-called "surge voters" – are going to the polls, however,the response by regular registered voters in other South Ward districtsis light so far, says the source.

In theCentral Ward,morning results are less than 25% of turnout numbersachieved by this time last year, according to a Central Ward party operative. Street level Newark update