Suozzi Trailing in Nassau

Tom Suozzi’s Republican challenger, Edward Mangano, is leading by 430 votes in the latest recount, according to Newsday.

If he lost, it would be a stunning defeat for Suozzi, a two-term county executive who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2006 but still harbors aspirations for higher office. Suozzi’s current predicament highlights a problem not just with his campaign, but with Nassau Democrats, according to Larry Levy, the former Newsday columnist who now teaches at Hofstra University.

“Tom Suozzi is fighting for his political life now because he did not campaign as if he was fighting for it BEFORE Election Day,” Levy wrote in an email.

He also had this to say about the Democratic Party:

The Nassau Democrats, who had built what looked like a pretty strong organization, ran a sloppy, lazy and unfocused campaign that did not get Democrats to the polls and only served to rev up Republicans. (Democratic turnout barely broke 20 per cent and Republican exceeded 30 percent. Get that a bit closer and we aren’t in a recount.) How a candidate and a local party can leave $2 million in the bank in this volatile climate – and with three legislative seats also believed to have been up for grabs – is mind-boggling. All politics may be local, but sometimes it’s just mechanical. And this was a mechanical, as well as a strategic, breakdown for the Nassau Democrats. What an embarrassment for the new state Democratic leader Jay Jacobs who was in the drivers seat.

Suozzi Trailing in Nassau