Surprise! Post Praises Obama’s Speech

The Post praises President Obama’s Veteran’s Day address this morning–one day after a lawsuit accused the paper of trying to bury the president.

Washington Bureau Chief Charles Hurt writes this morning that Mr. Obama “properly mourned the dead and wounded at Fort Hood,” and later, that he “properly stowed his most soaring oratory for this occasion because it really wasn’t about him and his legendary speechifying.”

There’s even a flattering editorial and another positive article under the headline: “President has stirring words for victims.”

The plaudits come after former editor Sandra Guzman filed a wide-ranging lawsuit yesterday against the Post, which accused Mr. Hurt specifically of saying the paper’s goal was “”to destroy Barack Obama.”

We’ll see how long it lasts. Mr. Hurt’s column, after all, was titled “Commander sets the right tone for once.”

Surprise! Post Praises Obama’s Speech