A very classy new action blockbuster

Feel like seeing an exciting blockbuster that doesn’t involve the end of the world (cough, 2012)? We suggest you check out Red Cliff (in limited release 11/18), a big, big action movie that depicts the legendary Battle of Red Cliff, which took place in 208 A.D. China.

Red Cliff returns John Woo to his native country after years in Hollywood, making films like Face/Off and Mission: Impossible II, and also reunites him with Tony Leung (1992’s Hard Boiled). At 148 minutes, the film is packed with action, with intensely complicated battles and impressive athleticism and blood. But the most interesting moments tend to be the quiet ones, as we watch opposing sides strategize, contained within breathtakingly lovely cinematography of southern China. Who knew that the way the wind blows and a carefully made cup of tea could be the deciding factors when it comes to war?

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