Tedisco: License Plates Will Be the New Driver’s Licenses

ALBANY—Assemblyman Jim Tedisco smells blood.

The Schenectady Republican–and former leader of his chamber’s minority caucus–had a press conference in September to decry a proposal requiring people to buy new license plates, and may attend a rally at the Capitol Monday staged by county clerks. The issue is gaining steam, and David Paterson–who proposed the provision in last year’s budget–has said he is willing to reconsider it.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if next week we repeal it,” Tedisco said. “I think it’s already taking off, and it’s very reminiscent of what Eliot Spitzer tried to do under the guise of an excuse he gave to wanting to give illegal aliens licenses.

“People just want this governor to be forthcoming about this thing,” Tedisco said. And public displeasure–there are online petitions and, like in the drivers’ license issue, county clerks are rising up–is easily fomented.

“This is easy to understand,” Tedisco said. “They see the plates every day on the road. They know it’s going to be difficult for them to have to pay $25, especially the elderly, disabled, and veterans. This is cut and dry, and I think we’re going to repeal it shortly. I think the governor knows–he’s spending close to a million dollars on T.V. ads–and this one decision could negate it.”

  Tedisco: License Plates Will Be the New Driver’s Licenses