The Governor’s Race ‘Will Take Care of Itself’

According to one of Jimmy Vielkind’s sources, state party chair Jay Jacobs told a roomful of Democrats not to worry about the Paterson saga dragging out too much longer.

“This governor’s race is going to take care of itself,” Mr. Jacobs said, according to the recollection of one attendee. “The fund-raising is going to tell the story. Just wait until January. Continue doing what you’re doing, don’t get yourself involved. It will take care of itself.” Other attendees confirmed the gist of the quote.

Mr. Jacobs, a Paterson pick, said that quote isn’t in the proper context. He was saying, he said, that Paterson should focus on solving the budget crisis. He was not saying that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will overtake Mr. Paterson by the beginning of next year. But, if that had been what Mr. Jacobs was saying, he would probably be right.

Vielkind compares a few days of fund-raising for the two candidates and, according to his estimations, it looks as bad for Mr. Paterson as one would expect.  January 15 the dispute gets quantitative. At that time, Mr. Paterson and Mr. Cuomo must each report their campaign finance numbers, which are expected to show a marked disparity between the ascendant A.G. and the beleaguered governor.

Mr. Paterson had about $5 million dollars in July, before the sitting governor decided to invest $2 million in television ads to introduce himself to voters. Meanwhile, Mr. Cuomo—who has introduced himself to voters more economically on the tabloid wood—is set to report a figure somewhere in the $16 million dollar range. So we could be looking at a $10 million dollar disparity.

The real question is: What number would make Mr. Paterson take the White House’s advice? The Governor’s Race ‘Will Take Care of Itself’