The Jay Jacobs Tour

ALBANY—Jay Jacobs will be in Albany today, meeting privately with party officials and lobbyists as part of an ongoing listening tour around the state.

Jacobs will have a private lunch with several lobbyists and interest groups and then meet this afternoon with the chairs of local county party organizations.

“This is all over the state, I’m trying my best to get acquainted with people who I haven’t yet,” Jacobs told me Tuesday night. This includes “folks from some lobbying, some unions and a couple of other folks that are going to meet with me.”

“It’s important that I meet with them and strategize about the upcoming elections,” Jacobs said. “I think the message of those last elections–and I can personally attest to it–is that voters are angry.”

(Jacobs was referring to the probable electoral loss of Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi; Jacobs is the Nassau County Democratic chair.)

Fred Dicker quoted Jacobs on Monday saying Andrew Cuomo is “well prepared” to run for governor, should he choose to do so. I asked Jacobs if he would meet with the David Paterson, who is in Albany today. He said meeting with elected officials wasn’t the focus of his trip; several legislators I talked to, even Albany-area ones, were unaware of the visit. He is not planning to meet with any other statewide elected officials.

“I do speak to the governor with some frequency, and the state party offices and his campaign offices are in the same building, so it would not be unusual for us to meet by just bumping into each other there,” Jacobs said. “So I would not have thought to call him and tell him I’ve been in town.” The Jay Jacobs Tour