Times’ Santos Leaving the City Hall Beat

New York Times reporter Fernanda Santos is transferring from the City Hall beat. Santos, who covered upstate New York before coming to Room 9, will be transferring to the paper’s Queens beat. (Yes, they have one!).

“I’m a street reporter at heart, so this is a beat that suits me better,” she said in an email.

During her time at city she interviewed Bloomberg to discuss his ongoing attempt to learn Spanish. She also interviewed the mayor’s colorful barber, who said, “I don’t have a problem telling him a dirty joke.”

At the moment, it’s unclear whether she’ll be replaced.

In other City Hall News news: Newsday‘s City Hall reporter, Michael Frazier, has also left. He’s now a spokesman for the 9/11 museum. Frazier came onto the beat back in March 2008, and quickly learned the mayor dislikes the word “maintain.” Frazier has not been replaced.

Times’ Santos Leaving the City Hall Beat