Today in Local Sports Coverage: Blubber

Who is Rex Ryan? Your tabloids give us two different sides of the coach this morning. The Daily News plays

Who is Rex Ryan? Your tabloids give us two different sides of the coach this morning. The Daily News plays up the fact that Ryan fired an assistant coach yesterday, implying that perhaps Ryan was making a scapegoat of some negligible presence to distract from his team’s defensive problems. If that’s the case, writes Rich Cimini, “That would be like the chairman of AIG pointing the finger at a summer intern for the company’s woes.”

But in the grand Jets narrative, the Post gives us some Rex insight that cuts against type and really makes you feel for the character. “EXCLUSIVE,” proclaims the subhead. “The Post has learned that Jets coach Rex Ryan, with his team gathered before him for the morning meeting yesterday in the wake of the previous day’s devastating 24-22 loss to the Jaguars, delivered an impassioned speech to his players that was so emotionally-charged it brought him to tears.”

Tears. It’s enough to earn him the back cover “Cryin’ Ryan,” although I like the inside headline better: “Loss Makes Ryan Emotional Rex.” Damien Woody apparently spilled the beans.

“He said, ‘I believe in you; I believe you get can get this thing done,’ and that’s when he really got emotional.”

Cornerback Darrel Revis sounds circumspect in Steve Serby’s column.

“I haven’t been a part of a meeting where a coach cried like that,” Jets cornerback Darrell Revis said. “In the future, I hope there are more tears of joy than the ones this morning.”

Without Ryan’s tears, the Daily News dedicates a little more space to the news that the Knicks may sign Allen Iverson now that he’s been cut. They even put a columnist on it. 

Of course the Knicks will look into bringing him in on a one-year deal. It’s the politically correct thing to do.

Kind of an odd thing to say about a guy who almost went to prison as a teenager, later got in trouble for homophobic comments on a rap album, and has publicly scoffed at practice. But remember, all roads lead to LeBron James, which is what Mitch Lawrence meant.

Iverson’s agent is Leon Rose, who also represents LeBron James. The Knicks don’t want to cross Rose and ruin their shot to get LeBron, however long that might be.

So give Iverson No. 3 and maybe he can fill the Garden to the rafters, once again.

Either way, it’s kind of sad.

We can only assume Mike D’Antoni wouldn’t cry at the thought of a little extra help.

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Blubber