Today in Local Sports Coverage: Dumbing Things Down

Is this the week the Jets go quiet?

Both your tabloids bury Rex Ryan and the Jets for all their early-season talking, after another disappointing loss. The Daily News puts Ryan on the front cover under the headline “DUMB & DUMBER,” which has Bill Belichick as the “DUMBER” half. Weirdly, the Post had dumb and dumber on its mind too with an inside head: “Dizzy Jets Feel Doom & Dumber.” Almost feels like they stretched to work in that dumb and dumber, but I’m not sure why they would. In any case, the Post has the better back cover headline: “TRAIN REX,” while the Daily News goes with “TRICK KNEE,” because Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew took a knee at the one yard line to seal the game. 

Gary Myers revisits his hallway exclusive from last week, in which Rex Ryan was still predicting the team would make the playoffs–a dream that appears to have died. “Not very good,” Ryan says now of the team’s chances. “We just spent all of our room for error.” 

But Ryan isn’t the only one who gets knocked for running his mouth. Mike Vaccaro checks in with Bart Scott, the talkative linebacker. 

“I don’t want to say anything inflammatory,” Bart Scott said.

Think about that for a second. Consider the source. Think back a few months, when the Jets’ chatty linebacker first fashioned himself equal parts pundit, prophet, poet and raconteur, when he led with his lip and did so unabashedly.

Scott isn’t the only one who didn’t want to say anything inflammatory. Quarterback Mark Sanchez–just a few days removed from celebrating his 23rd birthday at Medieval Times–brought some notes to his postgame press conference, and rattled off his thoughts on the game and his two interceptions, apparently without any prompting from reporters. That worked out well for Steve Serby, who fills his column by transcribing most of Sanchez’s thoughts and throwing in a little commentary. 

Braylon Edwards get some heat too, with a three-photo spread of him dropping a two-point conversion that was right in his hands. Edwards’ arrival happens to coincide with the Jets losing a lot.

“It’s not my fault per se, it’s a team game, but I don’t want to seem like the black sheep that I left their team and now I come here and now we’re losing consistently. You hate to feel that way.”

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Dumbing Things Down