Today in Local Sports Coverage: Giants Loss Inspires Awkward Family Moments

With the Yankees parade having already fluttered through downtown, and the Jets taking a week off from their up-and-down season, there’s not much to write about this morning except the Giants’ miserable afternoon yesterday.

Leading up to the game, Coach Tom Coughlin had declared it a “one-game season,” and linebacker Antonio Pierce called it the “Super Bowl,” so you can imagine how much that gets trotted out in tabloids now that they blew the game in the last 20-seconds. The Daily News tries to make a headline out of it: “Stupor Bowl!” while the Post feels a little uninspired this morning with “Code Blue” on the back cover.

Steve Serby is inspired to bury the team, and—as Serby does—he coins a new nickname for them: “Dead Team Walking.”

Call them frauds, call them flukes, call them imposters, call them pretenders, it’s all fair game.

One of the great things about the Giants that sometimes gets overlooked is that one of the players—offensive lineman Chris Snee—married the coach’s daughter. Because Snee’s a lineman, this doesn’t usually make it into the sports pages, but Snee committed a crucial holding penalty yesterday that would have put the game away. Mike Vaccaro plays it up:

So it ought to be an interesting couple of weeks around the dinner table if the Coughlins and the Snees happen to break bread, the son-in-law making — his words — “the mistake that cost us the game” and the father in law — my words — reaching back to a far more conservative place in his career, opting to coach not to lose rather than coaching to win.

It’s been a quick and precipitous fall for a team that had its eyes on a real Super Bowl after they started 5-0. But on a 4-game losing streak things start to look a lot different, and, as the Daily News reports:

“We kept ourselves in the game. That’s the only difference between the games the weeks before,” said Osi Umenyiora. “We were in the game throughout. That’s a positive step. It’s the direction that we want to go. We just thought we’d find the way to our destination a little bit faster.”

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Giants Loss Inspires Awkward Family Moments