Today in Local Sports Coverage: No Joke, Curry Helps Knicks

Never a dull moment covering Rex Ryan’s Jets.

Your beat reporters got another gift yesterday when Ryan strode into his press conference with Kleenex and some prepared notes. Mark Cannizzaro seemed to love it, and–as the Post is wont to do–continues to plant the paper’s flag on this story, just in case you forgot who broke this story, exclusively, first, before anyone else.

Rex Ryan brilliantly defused the tsunami of attention that’s engulfed him since The Post first revealed the emotional, teary-eyed speech he delivered to his players in a Monday meeting.

Your columnists weren’t as impressed, but being jaded and cynical and knowing is part of their job, right? Jay Greenberg says the Jets coach “has shtick,” but he tweaks Ryan for making every week a crusade.

It’s too long a season for that. Or it becomes too long a season when a team is trying to muster a sprint on a foot riddled with self-inflicted bullet wounds.

Over at the Daily News, Gary Myers points out the obvious, which is that Ryan can’t help making himself the story every week. But while your other writers transcribe the Rex Comedy Tour, Myers ends with a more telling quote from the coach.

“I understand there are some things that I really need to look at to improve,” Ryan said. “But some of the things that have happened to us have been pretty amazing, you know.”

It’s only one quote, but doesn’t that sound a bit like Ryan is making excuses? It’s not like they’ve lost on an Immaculate Reception or a Music City Miracle. As less-funny former Jets coach Bill Parcells like to say, you are as good as your record. Which means that this team is probably just bad enough to miss the playoffs and just good enough not to get any helpful draft picks.

There was a Madison Square Miracle last night. Well, not really Madison Square, because the Knicks were on the road, but they did win. The miraculous part is that Eddy Curry–the behemoth center who hasn’t been in playing shape for a full year and a half–stepped right in and helped the team down the stretch. 

That story is paired with questions about The Answer, Allen Iverson, who becomes a free agent tonight and who the Knicks have now admitted they’re interested in signing. And why not inject a guy who’s known for playing hard into a listless team when you’re just biding time anyway? Today in Local Sports Coverage: No Joke, Curry Helps Knicks