Today in Local Sports Coverage: The Anti-Homer Returns

The Mets (or, really, SNY) made their first big move of the offseason, bringing back retired first baseman and “anti-homer” broadcaster Keith Hernandez, says the Post, according to some sources in the know. Here’s hoping it’s not the biggest signing they make this offseason.

The Daily News is putting some pressure on the Yankees to make a big offseason move. The paper puts Toronto ace Roy Halladay on the back cover over the headline “ROY STORY 2,” and in case you forgot the first “Roy Story,” they gave you an inset photo of a back cover from the summer, when Halladay was on the trading block the first time.

Not much news on the cover, and really, it’s something of a bait and switch, because the real lead story is Mike Lupica writing about a Giants fan who would have been in one of the towers on 9/11 except that he had decided to go to the Giants game in Denver. The tie-in is that the Giants are going back to Denver for the first time since then, but it also conveniently doubles as a sports-related Thanksgiving story.

The Knicks and Nets have nothing to be thankful for after their respective embarrassing losses. The Knicks got stuck in L.A. traffic, arrived late, and never got going. The Nets, meanwhile, continue their quest for the worst start in N.B.A. history. They’re currently 0-14. But apparently they’re trying hard.

Both papers have a story about Ron Artest bucking the conventional wisdom to say that free agent athletes are actually “scared” to come to New York, despite what you may have heard.

But Filip Bondy proves it’s not so hard dealing with the New York media (although he thinks they should say a little more). He gets the Giants talking about why they’re not talking–unlike that other team, with that other coach, who we won’t mention for just one morning. Today in Local Sports Coverage: The Anti-Homer Returns