Two Against Valesky

ALBANY—Two people declared today that they will run against State Senator David Valesky, a Syracuse-area Democrat who is a favorite (and prime) target of Republicans.

Jessica Crawford, the leader of a young professionals group and a native of Watertown, announced that she will run against Valesky “to help create an Upstate New York that people want to move to rather than leave,” according to the Post-Standard.

After that article appeared today in the paper, Andrew Russo announced his candidacy today. Russo is a concert pianist who said in a statement that “taxpayers need a strong voice in government.”

I found Valesky on the floor of the State Senate. He said he was nonplussed.

“I’m really focused on doing the people’s business today, tomorrow, and for the next year,” he told me.

“Good government is good politics,” Senator Jeff Klein chipped in.

“Yes. Use that,” Valesky said. Two Against Valesky