Unofficial Results: Liu and de Blasio Get More Votes Than Bloomberg

The person who got the most votes in yesterday’s election?

No, not Michael Bloomberg. It’s Comptroller-elect John Liu.

According to unofficial results, Liu got 696,330 votes, with 652,511 on the Democratic line, and 43,819 on the WFP line.

The second-highest total belonged to Bill de Blasio, in the public advocate’s race. He got 672,383 votes. 627,390 came on the Democratic line and 44,993 from the WFP line.

Michael Bloomberg got 557,059 votes in total. 414,242 came from the Republican line and 142,817 came from the Independence Party.

Bill Thompson, the Democratic nominee for mayor, got 478,521 on the Democratic line, and only 27,196 from the WFP line. It’s worth noting that even though Thompson got the WFP endorsement, he did not get a bulk of the unions that make up the WFP on board with his campaign. 1199 SEIU and the United Federation of Teachers stayed neutral in the mayor’s race, while 32BJ and the Hotel and Motels Trade Council endorsed Bloomberg.

And here are some other factoids readers have noticed:

Mark Green got 150,000 more votes losing in 2001 than Bloomberg got winning yesterday (710,000 to 550,000). “Obviously, turnout in 2001 was about 40% compared to yesterday’s 25%,” this reader said.

Another reader noticed turnout for the mayor’s race yesterday was down, compared to four yeas ago. But it was up in the two other citywide races.


2005: 1,289,666

2009: 1,100,649

Change: -189,017

Public Advocate

2005: 827,513

2009: 874,847

Change: +47,334


2005: 805,452

2009: 916,523

Change: +111,071

  Unofficial Results: Liu and de Blasio Get More Votes Than Bloomberg