Velez-Gentry would take Christie administration position if offered

Former Republican assembly candidate Stepfanie Velez-Gentry made national headlines for her unusual occupation, but she would be willing to put that job aside if offered one by the incoming Chris Christie administration.

“I would absolutely be interested,” she said. “I want to help make changes in the community, and if something was offered to help make changes I would take it.”

Velez-Gentry, 29, runs Nookie Parties, LCC – a company where traveling salespeople host parties to sell sex toys and other adult novelties – or, as described it when it was first reported in the Inside Edge, a “naughty Tupper Wear party.”

Rather than generate controversy, however, Velez-Gentry’s business won her favorable press for her entreupeunerial spirit. The Associated Press picked up the story, as did the New York Daily News, and it ricocheted to several other media outlets and blogs. Howard Stern even talked her up on his radio show. Velez-Gentry said she even got a $50 campaign donation from a woman with a similar business in Utah.

She was later endorsed by the Gloucester County Times, which said that, beyond the “snickering” about her job, she had “much to offer.”

Ultimately, however, it was not nearly enough to prevail in a safe legislative district and against Democrats Donald Norcross — brother of South Jersey power broker George Norcross – and Angel Fuentes.

“I’ve gotten my fair share of respect. I run a completely legit, legal and respectable business. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback,” said Velez Gentry. “I’ve heard from one or two negative people, but they’re Norcross supporters.”

Velez-Gentry said she would be most interested in doing something involving consolidating mucicipal services, but would not turn anything down. She said she has not been approached by anyone in the Christie administration.

“There’s so much that I want to do,” she said. “I want to help eliminate wasteful spending everywhere – whether a school district or community.

A spokeswoman for Gov.-Elect Chris Christie’s transition team could not be immediately be reached for comment. Velez-Gentry would take Christie administration position if offered