‘Where Barry the Boy Became Barack the Man’

Would-be actor Jeremiah Miller is offering Barack-Obama-themed walking tours of New York. The tours explore what Miller calls “the lost years” studying at Columbia and  working in Harlem–the years when “Barry the boy became Barack the Man.”

From The Huffington Post‘s account:

Obama even opens his memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” with a scene in New York. It was the day he got the news that his Kenyan father was dead. Miller pauses on a sidewalk while leading the tour to narrate that dramatic opening passage from the book, and his talents as an actor shine through as he reads aloud Obama’s recollection of the phone call from a relative in Kenya:

“‘Can you hear me? I say, your father is dead.’ … That was all, the line cut off, and I sat down on the couch, smelling eggs burn in the kitchen, staring at cracks in the plaster, trying to measure my loss.”

The AP documented the tour on camera:


It costs $25 and lasts 2 hours. ‘Where Barry the Boy Became Barack the Man’