Addabbo: Marriage ‘Transcends the Idea of Equal Rights’

Here’s a bit more about Joe Addabbo, who after a press conference about state legislation to do away with run-off elections in New York City, defended his vote against same-sex marriage.

Addabbo said “74 percent” of his constituents told him they opposed the bill, he told reporters this morning. “I voted, again, the will of the people in my district.” He declined to state his personal views on the issue, and said it wasn’t inconsistent with other votes in favor of gay rights he took while a member of the City Council.

“Here, I truly represented equal rights for all,” he said, pointing to City Hall. “I still do. But this transcends the idea of equal rights.”

Addabbo also rejected the notion that his vote had a cascading affect on others, since he is from a marginal district and voted early in the roll call.

“The fact that all Republicans voted no, and the fact that so many Democrats voted no, there is no way, in my estimation, in my opinion, that I could have been a leading, or guiding or influential vote, even if so early in the roll call.”

Addabbo: Marriage ‘Transcends the Idea of Equal Rights’