Albany Convicted on Two Counts

Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno was convicted on two counts in his federal corruption trial yesterday, and according to the Times, at least, that would seem to mean Albany got convicted too.

Early on, the paper ran a story headlined “For Bruno, How Albany Works Is Also on Trial” and then followed it, four days later, with a similarly titled editorial: “Albany’s ‘Ethics’ on Trial.”

(The Times has a long, admirable and remarkably ineffectual history of trying to achieve a critical mass of public outrage about Albany.)

This morning’s story barely makes the connection. The federal prosecutor sort of mentions it–“The prosecutors and agents involved in this case take no pleasure from what the trial revealed about the culture of the New York State Senate,” he tells the Times–but there’s no reporting on whether more indictments are expected, or sitting state senators plan to change how they do business.

I’d wager one of Joe Bruno’s consulting contracts we get a Day Two story that tackles this.

Albany Convicted on Two Counts