Astor Son Not Entirely Indefensible

As it turns out, Anthony Marshall does have people who like him. Scores of them, even. Mr. Marshall is expected to submit 75 sympathetic letters to Judge Kirke A. Bartley today, two months after his defense rested without calling a single witness.

Jurors had apparently been curious to see the names he might marshal in his defense, and some seem to have taken the lack of witnesses as an indication of Mr. Marshall’s poor character. 

“Either they really believed the prosecution had not proved their case or they couldn’t find anyone to testify,” one juror told Meryl Gordon in a piece about the deliberations for Vanity Fair. “If they could have found anyone to say, ‘Tony and Charlene are great people,’ to talk on their behalf, they would have been invited,” said another.

But there are people–and some of them are even famous, which never hurts, right? Whoopi Goldberg may not have the sparkle of Annette de la Renta, and Al Roker may not have the gravitas of Henry Kissinger, but at least they would have said something nice about Mr. Marshall, and presumably, livened up a rather listless summer.

Mr. Marshall still owes upwards of $5 million dollars for that defense-that-wasn’t.

Astor Son Not Entirely Indefensible