Bloomberg to Swear-In Republican Council Members

Michael Bloomberg will be swearing in the new Republican City Council members tomorrow in the Council chambers, according to press release from those members.

Peter Koo from Flushing and Dan Halloran from Bayside will join the three Republican members already in the Council: Eric Ulrich of Howard Beach, Vinny Ignizio from the South Shore of Staten Island and Minority Leader Jimmy Oddo, also from Staten Island.

Since the G.O.P. caucus has grown to five members, Oddo has been openly talking about the need for the City Council speaker and the mayor to pay attention. It’s not impossible that the new, larger Republican caucus would team up with conservative Democrats and bargain for concessions.

Before the swearing-in ceremony, Bloomberg will meet privately with the caucus in Oddo’s office. Bloomberg to Swear-In Republican Council Members