Broadway Can’t Have Cate Blanchett

The New York Times today dissects the possiblity of an extremely successful Australian production of A Streetcar Named Desire, currently playing at BAM, moving to Broadway.

That possibility appears small. In an “active but brutal” season where celebrity appearances have proved key to success, the buzzy Blanchett Streetcar would seem like a strong prospect on Broadway–but! Obstacles. Like:

– Babies. A Broadway production requires a long run in order for producers to recoup their investment, and Blanchett has three little kids to consider.

– Unions. Would they keep the Sydney Theater Company Actors, or replace them with Equity members?

– Stephen C. Byrd. He has the rights to to an all-black production of Streetcar, and The Times reports that “several Broadway producers” believe he has dibs on any Broadway production of the play in the immediate future.

So, return to your business. You will probably not be seeing Blanchett DuBois on Broadway anytime soon, nor will you magically get BAM tickets this weekend. Broadway Can’t Have Cate Blanchett