Brooklyn Bike Protesters Get Cold Feet, Torsos

Indignant Brooklynites planning to stage a topless protest ride for the removal of the Bedford bike lane were cowed Saturday’s weather—amid the blizzard, the few who chose to make the ride rode clothed. Reports The Brooklyn Paper:

Despite the snow, a group of about 15 — and a van full of cops — left the Brooklyn Wreck Room on Flushing Avenue between Central and Evergreen avenues near dusk, timing their departure to the end of the Jewish Sabbath. Some riders pointed out that their excessive clothing made it just a bike ride, while others agreed that its iconic purpose was to show that the lane would be used properly if it were repainted by the city.

Onlookers found the clothed bike ride “anticlimactic and uneventful.”

Maybe the bike protesters ought to have practiced more in advance, working their way up to the full-on below-freezing naked bike ride. Such is the strategy of another band of indignant Brooklynites—the devotees of a bar threatened by Atlantic Yards eminent domain. The A.P. reports that on Sunday, patrons of Freddy’s Bar & Backroom bolted a chain to the bar and practiced handcuffing themselves to it (“for about an hour”) while drinking beer. Brooklyn Bike Protesters Get Cold Feet, Torsos