Christie expected to hang Corzine in governor’s office

Soon after taking office, Christopher Christie is expected to hold a ceremony to publicly hang his predecessor, Jon Corzine. By tradition, the portraits of seven immediate past governors hang in the Governor's inner office. Richard Codey's portrait goes is on the right wall, and James E. McGreevey and Donald DiFrancesco are on the back wall. Christine Todd Whitman is on the left wall. On the front wall, behind the podium the governor uses for news conferences, are James Florio, Thomas Kean and Brendan Byrne.

The decision of where to hang the portraits within the inner office is usually made by the governor's staff.

Once Corzine's portrait is ready, tradition dictates that Brendan Byrne's portrait, which has hung in the governor's inner office since 1982, will move to a different location in the statehouse. Eventually, old governors wind up in storage. Christie expected to hang Corzine in governor’s office