Christie: inaugural ball will have fewer frills

Governor-Elect Chris Christie says that his inaugural ball will be toned down to match the economy.

“I don’t feel and Kim doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea of having some really fancy black tie ball given what’s going on in the state. We’ll have a dignified celebration that night,” he said.

Instead of black tie, guests will be asked to come in business attire.

“I think we need to be sensitive to the idea that there are a lot of people unemployed and that are suffering,” he said.

Christie said he did not know where the ball would be yet. It’s being planned by his brother, Todd, and his close friend and advisor, Bill Palatucci.

Governor Jon Corzine’s inaugural ball four years ago, held at the Jadwin Gym at Princeton University, was black tie affair, but guests were charged half of the price of previous administration’s balls and food was served in a buffet. Christie: inaugural ball will have fewer frills